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A different approach to werewolves – in rural America!

July 5, 2011
Endangered Species: Werewolf

Now available at and!

I’m glad you’ve found my blog! I’m pleased to announce the release of the first in my werewolf series called ‘Part of the Pack’. These books take place in Colville, Washington, my hometown. The places are real. The incident that starts the first book is also real, right up to the point where Creede’s life is changed forever.

When I was 16, my 18 year old brother had a motorcycle accident almost identical to the one Creede experiences. Imagine it, if you will. It is early morning. The phone rings. Somewhere else in the house, mom begins screaming hysterically that my brother has been in a motorcycle crash.

Images remain seared in my mind to this day: the panic-stricken drive to the site of the accident, two dead deer lying broken in the road amid gouts of blood, my brother’s mangled motorcycle, and the sound of sirens wailing their way nearer across the valley until at last the ambulance arrived to take him away. I couldn’t hear sirens for years after that without a full-body memory striking me anew.

My brother lived, by the way (and is still alive and well, thank you very much), for the same reasons Creede lived. There – the stories diverge. I hope you’ll enjoy the ride.


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One Comment
  1. loser permalink

    I have been to Colville and managed to avoid the Werewolves. It was not easy but I made out of town unscathed.

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