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Breaking ranks with an established mythos

July 6, 2011

Everyone knows how lycanthropy is spread – the full moon turns the werewolf mad, and in his ravening hunger he gallops, uncontrolled and terrifying, in search of any available human prey. When he finds someone, he will rip and tear until the person is dead. Unless something interrupts. Any surviving victim is doomed in turn to repeat the cycle. Reviled. Out of control. Monstrous.

But…what if?

What if there were other ways to spread the infection? Say, through the local Bloodmobile? The dear sweet little old lady volunteers who handed a can of juice and a cookie to the donor and thanked him for taking time out of his day, would never know what he had done.

What would happen to the recipient?


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  1. Penelope permalink

    It would depend, is it a serial werewolf maker or just occasional? Cause what I’m wondering is what would happen if everyone on the planet were werewolves?

    • The short answer is, if you’re talking about a serial werewolf-maker, he or she might be able to remain secret for a very long time. Eventually the existence of werewolves in society would leak (think Typhoid Mary). It’s not out of the question that infectious-disease researchers could eventually track the infection backward to the source, if it’s being done through the blood supply. Even if the infectious agent could not be identified by scientific methods, a body of evidence would eventually build up. Could it be contained? I don’t know. I’ve already decided, for no reason than I Just Don’t Want To Go There, that whatever other direct-fluid transfer might transmit it, it’s not an STD. (Yes, I’m aware this is a Scientific Inconsistency. But I read this stuff to my kids. And my mom reads it. The reader is free to imagine what would happen if it truly were an STD. I myself will keep it PG-13.)

      If everyone on the planet were werewolves? Then you’d have Planet of the Werewolves. Can you imagine the movie quotes? “Get your filthy hands off me, you damn dirty wolves!”

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