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Working on book 6. I love it when it just flows!

July 11, 2011

Today I had to take my van to the dealership to get the door fixed, a problem that’s been going on for a while and only now – with my husband freshly employed – can we afford to address. They had free wireless, which I like very much, and a “business center” with individual desks and electrical outlets, which I like even more. The repair will be about $350 total, which is less than I was expecting. It’s going to be a real relief to have the door working again! Wednesday, I’ll get the brakes fixed. This week is possible also because the kids are away at horse camp.

And that means, I get to do a lot of writing this week! I’m hard at work on book #6. I think I’m about 45 pages into it, with a total estimated length of 200 pages. Yes, I know this is short, but no shorter than a lot of Westerns and Romances I see on the market. If it tells the story that wants to be told, it’s just the right length.

I haven’t mentioned them here before, so I’ll do it now. ‘Endangered Species: Werewolf’ is now available for Kindle and Nook, on Amazon and There are 4 more books completed and one in progress. Their titles will be:

2 – Wolf or Consequences
3 – Grudge Match
4 – Keeping Secrets
5 – Moving East
6 – Friend and Enemy (in progress)

I don’t have a current release estimate for book 2, although I’ve done the Major Big edit on it. Next Minor edit will probably happen after I’m done with book 6, or if I get stuck and need to take a break so my brain can percolate for a while.


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