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Dreaming about artwork

July 13, 2011

It must be time for me to start doing the cover art for book 2, ‘Wolf or Consequences’ (title courtesy someone on DinoMUSH – people were throwing ideas around and I liked that one better than my previous title, which was ‘Unwise Quarry’). I dreamed last night that I found the perfect picture for it. In reality, since I’m limiting myself to, my choices are regrettably limited. Dreamstime is more affordable than other stock photography sites I’ve seen, though, and I’m sure I can find a picture approximately like what I want.

Working on book 6, I have a gut feeling I’m moving the plot too quickly. I haven’t quite hit 14K words (~55 pages), and I’ve introduced nearly all the plot elements I had intended to. That leaves at least another 25K words before I hit my original goal length. I don’t want to be the kind of writer who goes for a specific length, even if it means padding the story with fluff or – worse – grabbing all the loose ends of story, yanking them free, tying them into a rough knot, and saying “Done!” But, it’s possible I’m pacing this poorly. Perhaps my beta readers will give me feedback.

The van is in the shop today. That means (in theory) I will be doing a lot of writing. At least as likely, I will be taking advantage of the quiet to do other necessary things. It’s 8am and I’m already defrosting the big freezer, for example. And I fully plan on taking advantage of the empty driveway to use the leaf-blower on it. The fir trees have dropped all their male ‘flowers’ now and the driveway is awash in red dusty cruft.

I didn’t like what I wrote yesterday. I managed about 5 pages, and sent them to my beta readers. Just before bedtime, I re-read that email, and decided it needs to be smoothed, sanded, and polished. I wonder if other writers feel this way?

A couple of days ago, a long-time acquaintance on DinoMUSH told me he really admires me for finishing not one but 5 books. He said he’s only ever managed to write one novella of 40 pages, and it took him four years. This from the man with a PhD in mathematics, and university teaching experience. He wouldn’t take my praise for that. Silly man. He’s not working now. I wish he’d write. I always admired his writing skills back in our ‘cooperative storytelling’ days.


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