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The characters inside my head are scrabbling to get out!

July 19, 2011

It’s a little difficult to explain, but I have people living inside my head. They’re not real people (and no, they don’t tell me what to do!), but they’re people just the same. Right now I have at least 8 of them. When I tell the story for one or two of them, the others wait quietly in the wings. If I don’t get back to them, though, they start making themselves known. It’s almost like they start nudging me with their virtual elbows, saying “Enough about them, what about me??”

I wrote previously that I’m a “pantser,” meaning I work from a very rough physical or mental outline. I may know where I’m going, but that doesn’t mean I know how I’m going to get there. Think of it as a talking GPS unit in your car. You’re driving along toward some distant location, and you take a side street. The voice comes on and says “Recalculating.” That doesn’t change the final goal. I often don’t know what my characters are going to do or say. They talk for themselves. Sometimes this makes for a lot of ‘Recalculating’ moments!

Right now, having spent (in Creede’s opinion) far too much time talking about Mitch, Allen and Amandine, I am going to veer back to Missoula and follow Creede for a while. When I’m done with him, Skyhawk has some evil plotting he wants to accomplish. These are steps toward the ultimate goal, which I will not spoilerize here. When I’ve followed them for a while, I’m sure Jack or even Tobias will have something they want to say.


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