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Back to the salt mines

August 13, 2011

The brief spike in views at Smashwords lasted one day and resulted in no sales. It was fun to see the spike, but it wasn’t actually productive.

I’m within a chapter or two of finishing book 6 in the werewolf series. It’s all downhill from here, as they say. I won’t get to writing today though, probably. Saturdays are for gym, thrifting, and doing eBay listings. By the time I finish 18 or 20 listings, my brain is wrung out. No oomph left for telling stories. I don’t feel the usual urge to procrastinate, though. (Urge to procrastinate??) I know how this one ends. Maybe not ‘happily ever after’, but happily. I like happy endings.

In other news, my two ‘spicy romance’ stories are up at Fictionwise, with bafflingly poor reviews, considering the very good reviews the first one received from three reviewers. One of them even said I have the makings of a storyteller. Gee, I hope so! The reviews at Fictionwise are only on a scale of 1-4, no comments added. So I never will know what the issue(s) were. Trying not to fret.


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