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The school year is looking like a real challenge!

August 20, 2011

We’re going to be run ragged next year. The kids will have classes (Health, Spanish with the co-op, Art, Swimming, Gym with the YMCA) as well as swimming with Nana. Monday will be our “free” day. Ha. As if there is ever any such thing? I have naturally been able to write much more aggressively over the summer. I wrote all of book 6 in about 7 or 8 weeks (bearing in mind it’s a 45K word book, not a 100K word book, so averaging about 1000 words a day – it’s really not that much). Whatever I do after we start back into workbooks in September must necessarily be a lot slower.

I am just so slow at editing. I hope the stuff I’m writing now will require less plain old ordinary copy-editing for punctuation, because editing up this older stuff is a drag. I have 45 pages of ‘The Birth Tree’ to edit overall. I’m 25 pages in. It feels like forever. I know one thing, though: ‘The Birth Tree’ was written at a time when I was writing erotica. I put a lot of that into it. I’ll be taking it out with great prejudice and a medical-grade machete blade, I can tell you that. It doesn’t contribute to the story I want to tell.

By the way, if anybody knows where I can photograph a truly amazing conifer tree with low, thick branches, please let me know. I may have a line on one at St. Edward’s park in Kenmore, WA. Maybe.


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