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I feel a little like Asimov’s “Ideal Man”.

September 1, 2011

I’m pretty sure this list of 50 Things A Man Should Be Able To Do (or something like it) originated with Isaac Asimov, but they left a few things off the list (although some do appear in the comments below the list):

51. Make jam from scratch, and I don’t mean freezer jam

52. Reproduce a lost Monopoly property card, using only a scanner, a printer, Photoshop, and a glue stick

53. Find a button that almost matches the one you lost, and sew it on

54. Create a GlaDOS potato plush toy, using only a photograph

55. Repair a 90s vintage Wrestlemania Cage Match cage (toy), which is missing a couple of vital brackets

56. Replace a bad ballast in an overhead fluorescent light fixture (that’s on my TBD list)

So, yeah. That’s been my week. How’s yours?


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