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A house fire takes precedent over writing

October 3, 2011

On 9/30, a small fire broke out in my clothes dryer, filling the laundry room with a wall of smoke and lightly touching the rest of the house with its reek as well. The short version is, everything went as well as could be hoped under such circumstances: the smoke detectors went off, the kids ran to the neighbors, the neighbor and I both called 911, the firetruck showed up in a few minutes, and the fire never spread beyond the dryer. So, I’m not complaining!! I may be the most grateful person on the block for a while to come.

But, there’s cleaning to do. I have to re-paint the laundry room with Kilz and heaven knows what else….today. Before the new washer-dryer combo arrives on Wednesday morning. That is to say, I have to paint as much as I can reasonably reach. Also, I need to smooth out the rough spots on the ceiling where my brother put up wallboard a couple of (cough) years ago (cough) and which has never been finished or even addressed since. I mean, the ceiling is basically rough wallboard. The end. I have to…I don’t know? Kilz it, then spray texture on it, then paint it. I guess? Before Wednesday. Did I mention I’m a grateful person? I have to remind myself. 😀

‘Werewolves: The Pack’ is still selling, on average 1 every 2 days – some of them to the UK, even! It has 6 reviews now on Amazon, and I confess I feel a little chagrined to basically have gotten a solid ‘B’ rating from many readers. I do think I’ve improved with time and will continue to improve as I write more and learn more. I’m 80 pages into my final edit-through of book 2: ‘Werewolves: The Quarry’, but as I say, that’s put on hold while I try to return my house to its non-smoke-scented glory days of yore.

Whee. 🙂


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