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It’s hard to get enthusiasm up to edit copy #fact

October 30, 2011

The advantage of copy editing is that I find things like, oh, whole chapters where head-hopping goes on – which I didn’t catch first time through, and neither did my mother in law – and fix them. The disadvantage is that I can go ALL DAY without sitting down and working on it, because there are more interesting things to do, like fold laundry and vacuum. If you thought it was glamorous to be an author, please let me be the one to disillusion you.

Today, I am dropping youngestchild off at Sunday School (she’s the only one who wants to go), then running off to CostCo to buy a bag of dog food, and thence to the thrift store. I don’t have a coupon for today. I almost hope I don’t find much. I need to finish up my eBay listings for the week. I need to handle one of my hens, Sally. She is quite determined to be broody no matter what I say on the matter, and a broody hen doesn’t lay eggs. She also bites ferociously when you come near. There is a cure: put the dumb hen in a cage off the ground so she cannot warm a spot and brood it (no eggs necessary – hens’ brains are just too small for that to be required). Continue for at least 3 days. Well, I don’t get much writing done on weekends anyway, except the eBay kind.

Night before last, we had a rainstorm of the Diluvian variety. There is a branch touching my roof from the huge fir tree next to my deck, and this apparently caused a needle dam to back water up under my shingles. Result: water dripping through the light fixture in the kitchen. The drywall inside the fixture shows water-staining from previous such, but it irritates me that we JUST had the roof cleaning guy out (I was home at the time) and he didn’t even mention the branch to me, much less cut the darned thing off and throw it to the ground. I’ve sent a mail to the roof company to ask the owner to schedule a quick drop-by next time they have somebody in the area. But this could have been prevented. Of COURSE I would have told the employee to remove the branch. I just didn’t know. It’s not like I go into the back yard and back up to the fence very often, the better to see the roof.

I am 12 pages from the end of book 2. I think I’d better give it one more read-through before I turn it loose in the wild, in case any of my fixes broke something new. After that, I’m itching to start writing something new again. Ben Reeder, author of The Demon’s Apprentice, has suggested I write creatively 3 days a week, and copy-edit the other 2. I may try that, so I can get book 3 out sooner. Book 3, ‘Werewolves: The Grudge’ is already written, it just needs the usual copy editing. If I wait until book 7 is done in rough draft before I start editing #3, it may be a very long time!

Keep tuned! I have said I’ll get book #2 out on or around December 1. I think I’m pretty much on track for that.


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