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Book 7 is almost done!

February 6, 2012

Book 7, tentatively titled ‘Werewolves: The Coup’, is within a few thousand words (and a few sections, chapters, or what-you-call-them) of being done. When I read the most recent installment to my 14 year old daughter, she cried, so I know I got the right tone. Also, my mother called it ‘Beautiful!!!!!!’ – which, considering it depicts a death, is about the best you can hope for. I’m not big on deaths in my stories. I’ve killed off….5 characters total in 7 books, and one of them was offscreen. Death is a part of life, and thus is a part of my stories, but it’s not the focus. Wolves kill so they may live. They don’t live to kill.

When I’m done with #7, I’ll dive straightaway into editing book #3, ‘The Grudge’. My big hope right now is that, as I have gotten better at writing and especially at the rules of punctuation, there won’t be *quite* so much heavy duty rewriting to do. I’m probably kidding myself.

What I like best about ‘The Grudge’ is that I got to do a certain amount of research into the Confederated Colville Indian Tribes, with the purpose of depicting their internal laws and their spiritual mythos in a credible way. The surname of one of the characters, Dave Timentwa, was drawn directly from a gravestone in the Inchelium cemetary, and he himself is a full-blood member of the Konkonelp clan, one of the 12 clans on the Reservation.  There is a real person named Dave Timentwa out there in the world right now. He’s in his early 20s, and any similarities to him are incidental, unintentional, and avoidable. Unfortunately, every other alternative first name I stick in seems to turn up somebody in the same family, so…not sure it makes much difference really.

What I also like about ‘The Grudge’ is that I further expand on the ways you can get infected with lycanthropy. You thought it was bad getting it from a blood transfusion, huh? It gets worse.  😉

It should take me about 2-3 months to edit the book properly, after which I may or may not begin writing #8, which is the shadow of a seed of an idea in the back of my brain right now. If not, I’ll start editing book #4: ‘The Secret’. We’ll see how it goes.


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