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Book 3 on sale now, book 4 in edit! And some general chatter!

April 6, 2012

Looking back at blog posts, I see I haven’t done an update lately. Which is not to say I’m not busy – I’m on Twitter almost all the time (except when I’m sleeping, and even then my iTouch will tweedle at me if I get an @mention – darned push notifications!) – you can find me there as @chotiari and @angelabeegle.

So to recap: I released book 3 in the Werewolves of Washington series, ‘The Grudge’. So far, it seems to be making people happy! As far as I can tell, almost everybody who is reading book 2, ‘The Quarry,’ is coming back for book 3. It’s that book 1 hump you have to get past. Or rather, the first 50 pages. If I knew how to fix them, I would. I don’t know how, so I’m moving forward instead.

I’m about 100 pages into the first hard copy-edit of book 4, ‘The Secret’. After this it will go to my editor (aka, hubby’s Mum), but as my FIL just had major surgery, I may have to be very patient for her to have time and energy to go through it with her red pen.  Never mind that, though – I’m starting to get anxious to start writing book 8: ‘The Choice’. Which, I’m sorry to say, probably won’t hit the electronic shelves for a year or two, because there’s all those others in line in front of it. Writing is more fun than editing. By a factor of about 50.

I’m about to become a great aunt. I remember when I first became an aunt, and now that same niece is about to have her baby any week now. And so, coincidentally, is her younger sister. So I’ll have two sweet babies to send presents to within the next month! I like sending presents to my little relatives. My youngest niece is 4, and she’s so gratifying to send clothes to. She tries to wear them for several days straight! The last thing I sent over (they live in Missoula, Montana where – not coincidentally – I lived briefly too, and several of the Werewolf books are set. Which makes them not strictly speaking Werewolves of Washington, but I digress) was a little bright print dress from Hanna Andersson. We have an outlet locally, which means there are lots of those clothes in the local thrifts, basically unworn. You can pick up a $50 dress for $5. Bwa ha ha!

Last month I had my first 100+ sale month (110). It took 5 months for me to hit my first 100 sales (although to be fair, I only had one book out at the time). I’m already at 30 sales for this month, with 3 books on sale. I’m so grateful to my readers, and I love interaction. If you have any questions about the characters and it won’t totally spoilerize to tell you, I’ll answer!

Back to the grindstone. As I was editing last night, I kept getting caught up in the story and forgetting to fix punctuation. I think that’s funny. 🙂




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