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Long time, no blog!

June 29, 2012

Since my last post, I released book 4 in the Werewolves of Washington series: The Secret, in which a few people discover uncomfortable truths, and a few others make some. And sometimes, it’s the same person making and doing.

I’ve begun work on book *9*, if you can believe that, although the work is on hold for a few days while I hammer out a 5K word story for a contest at a small paranormal romance publishing house. The story has just rolled out – that’s not the problem – my real struggle will be with the cover letter! Fortunately, it isn’t due until 7/4, so no panicking yet.

The girls are done with homeschool for the summer. Everybody’s year-end test scores came back at least average compared to same-level homeschooled kids, and generally above-average nationally, so I can still claim the experiment is working. Also, my 3 eldest, all of whom are in puberty, do not hate me (yet). I call this a win all around.

Tomorrow is the end-of-year picnic, and I’m bringing the traditional ice shaver, ice, and snow cone syrups. The kids queue up to self serve, and the bigger kids help the little one most kindly. I love that!

More writing tomorrow. I should be able to wrap up the story for the contest, so I can let it sit for a day or two before giving it a once-over edit and writing the cover letter. I must be mad to do this!


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