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An idea for book 10? Yes!

December 13, 2012

I’ve been working on other projects since I finished writing book 9 (to wit: I’ve released one novella and written four short erotica stories, of which 1 has been published at Changeling Press, 1 is under contract, and 2 are under consideration). And I’ve been mulling plot ideas for book 10, never quite sure if there would BE a book 10. Now I know.

Remember Brian, Creede and Mandy’s father? He’s coming back. Remember William? He’s 5 years old now, and he’s a werewolf. 5 year olds are not known for their circumspection. That’s all I’m saying about that.

Still working on a second storyline to interweave with that, but it’s enough to start with.


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One Comment
  1. Scott R. permalink

    Ues, yes, yes! And if you need them, I have ideas for books 11 though 35.:)

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