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What gives a writer pleasure?

April 4, 2013

I love to hear back from people who have read my books, my short stories, or just blog posts about how to make a plushie. I’ve met some truly wonderful people that way!

Recently, after a spate of advertisements on local store community boards, I’ve had a few sales of ‘The Birth Tree’. This always gives me a distinct rush of happiness, because I put 2 years into that novella, trying to get the ending just right.  It’s never been a big seller, because honestly, who’s looking for a Viking/Fae mashup story? It’s not as straightforward as werewolves!  I always hope to hear back from people, either in the form of reviews good or bad, or emails from my website. I’m not ever going to get rich or famous from writing, but wealth can be measured in other ways; knowing people have enjoyed the read is also payment of a kind.

When I’m between works, as now – with book 7 in rough draft having been sent off to my several editors, ‘Out of the Badlands’ has been wrapped up to my satisfaction (for now – I feel a sequel coming on),and I have no inspiration for my erotic fiction, I either fall back on cleaning the house (a futile effort in rearranging things that mostly don’t belong to me) or my Romeo & Juliet rewrite.  It’s not quite done, but what the heck, I’ll put it in the next post. Maybe somebody will have an idea for how to bring it to an ‘almost happy’ ending, or as happy as you can get when Romeo winds up dead anyway.


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