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Telestrations: from paper shredder to angry octopus, via Cthulu!

May 6, 2013



We began with ‘paper shredder’. I drew it and handed it to Sue. (I lost a couple of pictures/word guesses because they were smudged, but suddenly we had this:



Which was interpreted to be this:



Which was guessed to be: 



Which was drawn by Tom as:



And guessed at by Youngest (9) as:



From paper shredder to angry octopus. A fun game!!


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  1. Ok, I confess, I started with your post-apocalypse story, wondered what your other name was since I followed the link you gave out at the WS chat (thank you for putting it on your author page) and got distracted since I have never heard of this game…but it sure looks like a lot of fun! I am impressed that you guys managed to work Cthulhu into the drawings AND provided a rendition of it. Thanks for sharing and giving me a chuckle with all 3 progressions!

    • Telestrations is fun! My husband isn’t really the party-game sort of person, and I’m not a board gamer at all, but he’ll play anything that will get other people to participate. We played this at his parents’ house last weekend, and with our friends this weekend. Since the words are always different, and the mix of agess and drawing skills varies from group to group, it’s a new game every time! We played three full rounds with Tom and Sue. After that, they played something else (‘Nuns on the Run’) and I read for a while. 🙂 I hope you enjoy the Badlands story! I’m working on part 32 (2:10) today.

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