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A little light housework

May 23, 2013

The previous owner of this house (may his armpits be infested with the fleas of &tc) had pinch-pleat drapery rods up in the living room above the big windows. Good idea, because the cold just rolls in off the windows, right? Wrong. The end of the rods were screwed into sheetrock, despite the presence, 3″ away, of a *stud*. I don’t care what kind of anchors you use, if you hang that much fabric on it and then put stress by pulling on the strings, it’s coming down.

I did not take a picture of the damage. I know I should have. Imagine a small volcano beginning to erupt in an otherwise placid flat field. Like that.

Nor, although it crossed my mind, did I take a picture of the 5″x5″ hole I cut in the wall. I started documenting AFTER I’d cut the hole out, carefully screwed 2 pieces of 1″x2″ into the sheetrock behind the hole for a framework, cut a matching square from scrap I just happened to have lying around since our last project a few years ago (cough cough), and screwed it into place, like so:



The reason it looks like bare paper is because, at the advice of the friendly paint guy at McLendon’s Hardware, where you can ALWAYS find somebody to help you, I used a knife to cut away about 1/2″ of paper around the hole and the plug. Et voila, a channel.

Lay a thin layer of mud in there, cut plain ordinary white copy paper into strips, lay on top of the mud, smooth out neatly, and suddenly you no longer have a channel. Mud it a couple more times just to be sure. Let dry.



Sand lightly. Vacuum. Vacuum NOW before you get your feet wet walking outside and then get the carpet wet where the dust is.  Now, spray with orange-peel texture:


This stuff dries white. I saved a bit of the painted paper I peeled off in picture #1 and will take that back to Friendly Paint Guy to color-match. This would have been easier if it hadn’t been at ceiling height, but I managed. Actually, I think I could do just a little more texture at the bottom, but once it’s painted, I doubt you’d even see that faint line.



After that, I replaced the elastic in a knit skirt, and sent a Cover Art Request away to my editor at Changeling Press. I can also dig post-holes, butcher chickens and other livestock, and make jelly (I did not do those things today). Some days I impress myself. And then I’m tired. 😉


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