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The cashmere patchwork quilt project:

May 23, 2013

Book 11 is brewing in the back of my head. It really is. I have…major plot points in mind. It will probably be written over this summer.

With 2 weighted blankets done, the hole in the wall patched, the bathroom painted, and the front and back yards in tolerable repair, that leaves me with the patchwork quilt I’m making for my grand-niece. Here it is, with the pieces cut and laid out:

: Image

The squares are cut from ‘cutter’ cashmere sweaters (ones with unrepairable holes in them) (except the solid pink cableknit, which was a truly beautiful Kirkland brand sweater, but it was destined to be the anchor for this little square patchwork blanket.

It will be backed with a mottled gray flannel, edged in blanket binding, and tied at the corners with embroidery floss. I may have to send the floss and have my niece do that herself, as I’m having some problems with nerve impingement in my left hand, and small detailed work like sewing makes it worse.

My grand-niece already has a blanket:


But it’s full size (those are 6″x6″ squares) and she’s only 1 – she tries to drag it with her everywhere, and trips over it, and gets mad. 😀 Sorry, I shouldn’t think that’s funny, but I do. So, I’m making her a little portable one, square (her favorite shape). I suspect her mommy will put the big one away for safe keeping, after that.

And here is the new one, finished. It measures 17″x17″, just the right size for a littlie to drag around (front and back):

IMG_3864 IMG_3865


Update: According to my niece, the baby hardly ever puts it down. She’s dragging it with her everywhere she goes, and it’s “just the right size”. 🙂 I was worried that she might reject it because it’s not the same colors as her beloved larger one, but apparently cashmere wins. 😉


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