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Werewolves: Dead Man’s Hand

June 11, 2013

Frank Mellencourt is a werewolf by choice and a member of the Spokane pack by happenstance. He isn’t happy, though. The pack Alpha grates on him, the Beta is worse, and he’s having problems at home with a wife who doesn’t know his secret. Something’s going to give.

Tobias James and Tam Franklin, members of the Gladstone pack, have a mission if they choose to accept it: take over the Spokane pack by any means necessary.

Frank doesn’t like them, either.

For Tobias, Spokane is the city from which he moved as a young man. Going back means making peace with his ailing, elderly father.

For Frank, Spokane represents a threat to his wife, and no one is allowed to threaten her but him.


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