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My Little Pony: Discord, the Draconequus

June 14, 2013

This project was my daughter’s idea. I’ve made assorted plushes before, including Toothless dragons, several Ohmus from the movie Nausicaa, a GlaDOS Potato, and My Little Pony characters.  Discord may have been the largest challenge of them all, because I had no pattern, just a cartoon image to look at. So here he is from all angles.  I will list the materials and method we used at the end.











Pale pink fleece

Light blue or aqua fleece (I repurposed a baby creeper for this)

Black fleece
Scrap of white fake fur
Alene’s “No Sew” adhesive
2 medium white buttons on stems / red Sharpie for eyes
Craft wire & pliers
This red dragon dog toy purchased from an eBay seller (for antler and tail)
Beanie Baby snail (“Swirly”) (for the horn – this is wired to make it spiral)
Beanie Baby horse (Zodiac collection, 2000) (for left hind leg)
Beanie Baby green bear (for right hind leg)
Beanie Baby eagle (“Free”) (for claws on both feet)
Beanie Baby lion (“Bushy”) (for right front leg)
Beanie Baby goat (“Goatee”) (for head + neck)
Beanie Baby dragon (“Scorch”) (for torso + patches around eyes; also wing for pattern)
Plush Timon from the Lion King (for left front leg)

Substitutions, of course, are a matter of preference and availability. It took me several weeks and many trips to thrift stores and garage sales to accumulate all the pieces we wanted.


Dismantle your beanies, reserving the stuffing, which is the best I know of, and the pellets, which can be used for other things (and if you don’t want them, I do – I make weighted blankets).  When possible, cut more fabric at the top of each leg than you think you’ll need.

The tail of the dragon must be slit open from end to end along both seams to remove the existing yellow “spikes” and a pink stripe sewn in place, along with the pink end to the tail. I free-handed these shapes.

The body of Scorch the Dragon must have the wings removed, and then the legs cut away, reserving as much fabric as possible to make a tube for the body. Attach to the tail, hand-sewing carefully.

The body of Goatee the goat must have the legs removed and the body cut as with the dragon to make a tube. The neck is at the wrong angle. You’ll want to make darts in the neck fabric to bring the head down into a better angle.

Turn the goat’s head inside out. With pliers, cut off the stems of the eyes and remove. Stitch a  curve into both sides of the top front of the face to make it more narrow. Turn right side out. Attach the buttons for eyes and draw pupils.  Cut off the tops of both goat horns and use for bases for attaching Swirly’s horn on one side, and the plush dog toy antler on the other. Stuff the head and neck and attach to the body.

From reserved fabric from Scorch’s belly, use the brownest section you can find to cut two circles, larger than the eye buttons. Cut sly slits in each. Glue in place with No Sew. Wrap with rubber bands until the glue is fully dry – I did overnight. You can also cut away Goatee’s little chin tuft at this time and glue a white one, plus white eyebrows, in place so they can all dry together.

Attach a set of claws to each leg that needs them. Stuff and attach all legs.

Using one of Scorch’s wings for a pattern, make one bat wing pattern and one pegasus wing. Trace these onto 2 layers of black and light blue fleece, but don’t cut them out. Pin the layers together. Cut out a much larger area than you will be sewing.

With your machine set on satin stitch (or a tight, medium-width zigzag), test a scrap piece of fleece until you see what setting will NOT make the fleece ruffle or warp along the stitched line. Then, zig-zag along your lines. Include a line that parallels the top edge, to make a channel for your wire. Add as much detail as you like for “finger bones” or feathers.  Cut out carefully, going just outside the zig-zagged lines. (Alternatively, you could stitch-and-turn, but I find fleece difficult to handle for details like feathers and wings with points).

Attach the wings. Terrorize your local community.


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  1. ainemistig permalink

    Amazing! So awesome. You did great! Love it!

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