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Everfree NorthWest: a retrospective

July 9, 2013

I’m pleased to say that I did not observe any ‘creepers’ at the convention, and that my children (teenagers) didn’t mention being creeped on by anybody.

After the first day, when I saw several women in costumes which (IMO) violated the ‘family-friendly costumes, please’ rule, people wore modest costumes. Some of the costumes were simply wonderful, and even the simple ones were harmless, cheerful, and sweet.  And that word describes the whole convention for me: Sweet. Not cloying or artificially sweetened, but simply …sweet.

There were still very few children there, far fewer than I’d have expected, but the ones who were there were admired almost as though they were special guests. When you think of it,   they were, weren’t they?




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